Here at DDD we will never knowingly misrepresent our dogs. They are what they are no more no less and we are proud of each and every one of them.

From before your pup is even conceived we do our best to ensure that both the stud dog used and the mother to be are in tip top condition.

The stud dog's sperm is vet checked to ensure there are no abnormalities.

All of our females have blood work done before they are mated to make sure the mating is a success.

From the second your pup takes its first breath we are there to make sure nothing goes wrong and the pup doesn't undergo any unnecessary trauma.

We supplement feed all of our litters to ensure that the pups bellies are full at all times.

All of our pups are heavily socialized with both adults and children to guarantee a nice happy personality.

All our puppies are both vet checked and temperament tested so you know they are not only physically fit but mentally strong as well.

Simply put we do all we can to ensure you get a happy, well adjusted, healthy pup.