The "BARF" diet, an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones And Raw Food was created by Billinghurst. A typical BARF diet is made up of 60-80% of raw meaty bones(RMB), that is bones with about 50% meat  (e.g. chicken neck, back and wings) and 20-40% of fruits and vegetables, offal, meat, eggs, or dairy foods.


BARF is about feeding dogs properly. The aim of BARF is to maximize the health, longevity and reproductive capacity of dogs and to minimize the need for veterinary intervention. How do you feed a dog properly? You feed it the diet that it evolved to eat. It’s an evolutionary diet, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet. A BARF diet.

This is a biologically appropriate diet that is both simple in philosophy and construction. The very essence of commonsense. It looks at the diet of a wild or feral animal and duplicates or mimics that type of feeding regime using available whole raw foodstuffs. These diets may be enhanced with various supplements. Once the principles are understood, anybody can do this. No special credentials are required.

In the case of the dog which is an omnivore, a hunter and a scavenger, the diet can be based on a wider range of whole raw foods of both animal and plant origin, with the further proviso that the foods may be either fresh or auto-decaying via endogenous enzymes.

The BARF movement appears to have started in response to the dietary guidelines outlined in the book Give Your Dog a Bone written by Dr Ian Billinghurst, 1993.

The acronym BARF started out as meaning "Born Again Raw Feeders". Initially, this was a sling off at dog owners who fed raw food to their dogs. When the originator of that term tried a raw food diet on her own dogs, she was so impressed that she began an Internet list advocating the use of raw foods for dogs.


Since we have introduced the Barf diet to our dogs we have noticed quite a few differences within the kennel.

1. The dogs are content after feeding, more than ever before.

2. The dogs never pick at their food and even dogs that were once fussy eaters dig in with total enthusiasm.

3. The energy levels in our dogs has increased and their stamina levels are though the roof.

4. Size wise we believe that all of are dogs now are reaching their full potential. On average we seem to be getting anywhere up to 6 kg's of extra muscle mass on our dogs.

5. No issues with teeth in any of our dogs.

6. Coats that are second to none.

7. Our females are bouncing back at an amazing rate after having litters of pups.

8. As we mate our dogs via AI we have even seen the sperm count in our stud dogs increase.

No matter how we look at it all of our dogs thrive on this diet. It is more time consuming the kibble but keeping our dogs in condition is the most important thing to us. Every pup we breed here from as young as 3.5 weeks old is raised by us on this diet and they not only love it but they thrive on it.

We carry some of the best American Staffordhire lines available not only in Australia but Over Seas as well. They are the best and deserve the best diet possible to ensure long healthy lives. After seeing first hand how this diet benefits not only our dogs but our entire breeding program we would encourage any one with a dog to convert over and see the difference it makes.....

Brutus is one of our Stud dogs bred here at DDD.
At no where near 2 years of age in this picture it's plain to see his body loves the Barf diet.