Owning an Amstaff is an absolute joy and should be deemed a privilage as these guys will do what ever it takes to not only please you and your family but keep you all safe. This is a breed that enjoys legendary status world wide. If you are prepared to put in effort and training into your Amstaff you will be astounded at just how easilly trainable they really are.

This breed suits many applications as it is a very versitile and adaptable breed. If they are well bred and raised correctly they are very social with people as well as other dogs. Our dogs are great with children and fantastic with other animals. They have NEVER once harmed any of the livestock we have had here including ducks, pigs, goats, rabbits and a big black steer named Bubba.

This is a breed that is powerfull, courageous and loving and you will have to go a long way to find it's equal when it comes to character and personality.

Regardless of how people try to portray them truth is they are Teddy Bears and want nothing more then to be your best friend......